business assurance & improvement

Build on your Risk Management outcomes to drive practical business and project improvements. 

Business value chain modelling helps to define the correct context for your business
and the control framework required to manage your risks.



  • Assess the effectiveness of your management systems
  • Perform gap analysis against recognised international standards:
    – ISO 9001 –  Quality Management
    – ISO 45001 – Occupational Health & Safety
    – ISO 14001 – Environmental Management



  • Assistance with defining your key performance indicators.
  • ‘What gets measured gets improved …’



  • Prioritise your improvement areas
  • Business Improvement planning
  • Measure improvements and embed them into your business to make them permanent

Process based management system – define the controls required, cross functional approach, remove organisation silos,
streamlined approach, reduce waste, improving productivity and reducing risks.

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